Urinal pad Ekco's Powerscreen Tropical Fruit Fragrance

 Ekcos’s Powerscreen uses our patented Sealed Bristle Technology to keep urine from impacting the urinal wall or standing urinal water. Each screen is infused with a proprietary resin that uses anti-microbial technologies to eliminate eColi and Klebsiella bacteria, and has a time-release deodorant feature which emits a fresh, clean scent continuously over the life of the screen. These features make Powerscreen ideal in any restroom, such as those in office buildings, hotels, airports, restaurants and hospitals. Its use also lowers costs as it decreases cleaning times, and helps reduce damage caused by urine splatter. Waterless urinals, in particular, often experience significant challenges as urine tends to splash up onto the upper surfaces without a rinsing mechanism, a problem Powerscreen is designed to address. The use of our Powerscreen greatly improves the overall hygiene and feel of any public bathroom, and it greatly benefits all who maintain such facilities. 

Cod PWR-4O
Product benefits:
  • Protect the user against cross contamination
  • Cost effective
  • Perfect for monthly hygiene services
  • Patented Sealed Bristles Technology™ to eliminate urine splashback
  • Propietary resin infused with timed release deodorant
  • Effective Anti-Microbial
  • Last for 30 days
  • Attractive color selection
  • Ideal for waterfree urinals
  • Flexible design conforms to all urinals
  • C.A. VOC compliant
  • 100% recyclable
Pack = 2 pcs. Powerscreen
Box containing five pakages = 10 Powerscreens. A case containing 5 boxes of 2 units
*This product is designed to biodegrade in a biological active landfill (appropriate facilities not available in all areas). Testing ASTM D5511-2 that we have conducted represent biologically active landfills on our products have shown 99% biodegradation in less than 5 years.  
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