Solvent-borne stone impregnating Roca Pregno



 Impregnation of open-pore and absorbent indoor stone surfaces; also for use on polished and precision-ground stone coverings such as granite, gneis, gabbro, limestone and terrazzo



  • Offers protection against aqueous dirt as well as oil and grease
  • Makes daily routine cleaning even simpler with the easy-to-clean effect
  • Long-lasting stain protection
  • Excellent depth of penetration, no change in the appearance of floor
  • UV resistant
  • Diffusion of vapour in the stone is hardly affected
  • Non-slip property is not affected
  • It is possible to re-impregnate the floor any time required
  • Time-saving processing of floor as it is not necessary to work section by section
  • Innovative nanotechnology


Product code: R100-0010R3
Sales unit: 10 L
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