Lightweight, pleasantly soft Airlaid-quality (100 % cellulose), highly absorptive, abrasion-proof and tear-resistant, even in wet use. The lightly embossed surface (“linen embossing”) increases cleaning efficiency. Universally useable for light to mediumheavy cleaning and wiping. Bio-degradable. Main Fields of Application: Wipe for patient care in hospitals and nursing homes. Also suitable as washcloth. Cleaning in labs, pharmaceutical industry, in dentist’s surgeries (for example as pad for medical equipment), in hospitals for cleaning of sonographic devices, in public offices, in fine mechanic plants, food industry. Suitable for direct food contact (ISEGA-certificate).
Z 30X33 - 50X12
Cod H005228 
Product details:
Material: Airlaid
Color: Bright white
Plies: 1-ply
Folds: Z-Folding
Branch: Food industry, Hotel and food service industry, Medicine and care facility, Trade and industry
Shipping information:
Dimensions: 38 × 27 cm (B × H)
Sales Unit: 12 packs at 50 sheets
VE/PAL: 60 Boxes/pallet
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