Viscous sanitary basic cleaner based on phosphoric acid Bucalex



 All acid-resistant materials and surfaces in wet areas and in swimming baths; sanitary china; stainless-steel surfaces 



  • Dissolves stubborn dirt such as limescale, urine deposits, rust, scale, dirt, grease and soap residue
  • Powerful, fast cleaning effect
  • Viscosity enables good adherence to vertical surfaces and thus a long reaction time
  • RK-listed
  • Suitable for use with a single-disc machine


Product code: G460-0001R3
Sales unit: 1 L
  •  1000 ml / 10 l water
  •  1:5 to 1:10 with water
  •  neat to 100 ml / 10 l water
  •  neat to 100 ml / 10 l water
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